New Modular Data Center Solution Unveiled

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In the years to come, modular data center infrastructure is poised to work in new ways. Vapor IO, a provider of intelligent hyper-modular solutions, recently announced three key partnerships for its newly released infrastructure automation and DevOps platform.

Opening Doors With New Modular Data Center Options

According to DataCenterNews, Vapor IO will integrate its Open Data Center Runtime Environment (OpenDCRE) platform with data center solutions at AppliedMicro, BASELAYER and within the Open Compute Project community.

OpenDCRE provides an application program interface to data centers and lets IT run and assess data center modules without having to align with proprietary infrastructure models. The platform has the potential to put an end to vendor lock-in for users in the modular data center space.

For the Open Compute Project community, access to OpenDCRE means a simplified out-of-the-box tool that stands to save costs when it comes to top-of-rack architecture, Vapor IO explained in its announcement.

At AppliedMicro, the new OpenDCRE option means the company can iterate new types of data center infrastructure.

“The AppliedMicro ARMv8-A 64-bit quad-node X-Gene-based OCP platform is the first of its kind and marks the entry of ARM servers into OCP,” Kumar Sankaran, associate vice president of software and platform engineering at AppliedMicro, explained in the announcement.

“This platform is particularly suited for the high-density compute market segment. With the integration of OpenDCRE into this platform, it paves the way for a very highly efficient management infrastructure within the data center.”

BASELAYER First to Incorporate OpenDCRE

According to a Data Center Knowledge report, modular data center technology and software provider BASELAYER has already started to work with one customer to incorporate the OpenDCRE solution in the field. Some 20 modules are expected to be deployed to the client. However, Vapor IO declined to name the customer.

In the Vapor IO announcement, Cole Crawford, founder and chief executive officer, spoke about the impact OpenDCRE would have on all data centers. He said data center environments are becoming increasingly complex and filled with myriad hardware and software solutions and tools from various vendors.

“The collection of resources that make up today’s data centers must work together seamlessly but, at the same time, exist as independent components so they can be replaced, repaired or upgraded as necessary,” he added. “Our mission is to take the disaggregated data center and turn it into a highly efficient, well-connected but intentionally decoupled IT system.”

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