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Data research and analysis

We have a vast experience in the finance, manufacturing and health industries.
We identify areas that can be improved by researching the existing data, and
then automating processes.

We implement automated data collection and analysis mechanisms. Due to our
proprietary technologies, we can process huge datasets within hours. We can
build a system which integrates third party tools and services that help validate
the gathered data, if it is needed.

Finally, we produce thorough reports that highlight KPIs and help company
owners take solid, fact-based business decisions.
AI design and implementation

Our team members total 20+ years of experience in the artificial intelligence and
machine learning fields.

We are familiar with all the top AI/ML software solutions, and we can use them
to create fully functional solutions that run either on regular computers, or on
virtual OSs.

No matter if you need applications that require experience in data modeling
systems, machine learning processes, or plain AI-based chat bots, we can be of
Data Security systems

We are now living in an era where companies store and exchange huge amounts
of digital data. We reap lots of benefits due to this, but it also exposes
businesses to various threats.

Our team members have backgrounds in computer science and are able to
implement effective fraud detection systems. They improve and patch network
security software and hardware, as well as boost device security.

Solutions range from hardware-based key lockers to custom-built, advanced
software applications that can encrypt data communication and files using
hardware IDs.
We are a small company, but we can provide customized solutions for most industries.

We help businesses build profitable solutions for the future. We work alongside our clients during every step of the process, making
sure that the end results matches all their expectations.