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Technology in the Workplace

Human interactions are profoundly impacted by technology today. We live in a huge, global workplace where there are fewer and
fewer 9 to 5 jobs. People frequently travel for business purposes to the other side of the globe, and with free Inflight Wi-Fi, many
of them are able to manage their companies and take sound business decisions even during their flights!  These are just a few of
the things made possible because of the rapid development of technology.

Researchers have recently conducted a study in 34 countries, with the goal of determining the way in which technology can help
(or not) in a business environment. People were asked questions about the way in which technology has influenced their

The results were quite surprising - see for yourself:
- More than 50% of the respondents consider that technology has made society less human.
- More than 50% of people said that due to technology, they are less connected with the real persons in the real world.
- Almost all the respondents consider that face to face meetings are the normal, healthy way of interacting with other people,
even when it comes to business related purposes.
- Almost 50% of people declare that they interact less with their colleagues because of technology.

If this sounds quite discouraging, well... it is! Still, other studies have highlighted some of the positive aspects of technology,
which has significantly increased productivity, for example. Due to modern technologies, people from different places in the world
can work together at a single project. They can see each other and have virtual meetings without having to fly thousands of miles
from a regional office. This saves the companies time and money.
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Many employees appreciate technology because it allows them to work remotely. This way, some work-related tasks can be
accomplished from home, while in the car or using a tablet and the Wi-Fi connections provided by their favorite coffee shops.

On the other hand, in the absence of physical proximity, people's interpersonal skills will no longer be refined, so business
relationships will be more superficial. Also, it has been demonstrated that in the end, remote work this has a negative impact,
reducing productivity.

When people see each other, they can adjust their perspective and attitudes by simply listening to and watching others. Any form
of communication, even the most superficial one, can be improved by adding the nonverbal dimension of communication.

However, when people only communicate using various technologies (email, for example) the nonverbal message, which is
transmitted through body language, tone, and intonation, is missing. However, when the nonverbal aspect of communication is
present as well, there are fewer misunderstandings. In addition to this, people can ask for more details and demand clarifications
anytime it is needed.

This explains why video communication and conferencing works okay for many businesses; people have the chance to engage a
little more, because they can actually see the persons they are talking to. It's not the perfect solution, but it works, at least for

Technology has the power to help introverts a lot - or it may help create a world of introverts, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
People who find it difficult to speak in front of others can get their ideas, strategies, and arguments read, considered and
applied. Writing an email is a much less frightening idea, even for introverts.

HR departments use technology to hire the best personnel, increasing productivity. Due to technology, they have access to data
related to past job performance and employee productivity, and this can help companies become more profitable on the long run.