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Our Solutions

We help you discover the best
technologies that solve the most
pressing business problems.

If you need a custom solution, we
can design it, implement it, test it
and maintain it for you.

Our Services

- Data research, analytics and
actionable insights.
- Artificial intelligence design and
- Data security systems based on
OpenSSH, GnuPG, AWS Key
Management services, etc.
Our Projects

- Software as a Service
- Solution analysis, architecture
and design.
- IT assessments and
- Technology vendor selection.
Wi-Fi technologies and their

Wi-Fi is everywhere, starting with your
smartphone and ending with the
Internet of Things devices that water
your plants whenever they are thirsty.
Researchers from Data Alliance
estimate that close to 25 billion of
wireless devices will be sold this year.
Here's how these numbers have grown
during the last few years.

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Technology in the Workplace

Human interactions are profoundly
impacted by technology today. We live in
a huge, global workplace where there
are fewer and fewer 9 to 5 jobs. People
frequently travel for business purposes
to the other side of the globe, and with
free Inflight Wi-Fi, many of them are
able to manage their companies and take
sound business decisions even during
their flights!

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Technology Pros and Cons

We can't escape technology! And
researchers state that we will use it
even more in the future. It is
estimated that by the year 2020, close
to 100 million consumers will purchase
augmented reality devices. And here's
another interesting prediction: close
to 85% of the user interactions will
soon no longer need a human to
manage them. It's a bit scary, isn't it?

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